Entrance Lobby

We have completely free WiFi environment in lobby and all guest rooms. No contract is required

Luxuary room
(in main)
Deluxe room
(in main)
Standard room
(in anex or main)
Luxuary room
with beds
(in anex)

All guest rooms have TV, private bath(wooden bath tab) and restroom(electric toilet seats with water spray feature for washing)

<Guest room amenities>
face towel, body towel, UKATA(Japanese style room wear), toothbrush set, hair brush, hair dryer, two-in-one shampoo, body soup, men's cosmetics(hair tonic, after shave lotion), women's cosmetics(milky lotion, skin lotion),

Private bath Dinner image (KAISEKI)

We also have a large public bath, Please enjoy Japanese style bath time.
Public bath